The Work and the Life

The chapter ‘The Work and the Life’ in Steps to Christ serves as a transition point in the book. The first part of the book is dedicated to how one is saved and the second part to how one is to live once saved. As a result, the following chapters consequently unpack our growth in knowledge, prayer, faith and praise. This chapter is centred on the Christian’s witness to the world around them.

Since the first 8 chapters predominately focus on the individual, the question that naturally arises in this chapter is ‘where do others fit in?’ It is here that the Christian’s witness is manifest, and this is an important transition because we receive from God to dispense the blessings that have brought joy to our soul. The Christian cannot and must not hoard the blessings of heaven, for it is impossible to do so. In the chapter a similar phrase is repeated three times in quick succession to communicate this thought. The phrase is concerning our witness and how it must flow out for all to see. Notice the language used here, “…like a sweet fragrance it cannot be hidden”, “the saving and sanctifying truth cannot be shut up in his heart” and “we shall not be able to hold our peace” SC77-78.

This reminds me of Peter and John’s response before the Sanhedrin when they were commanded not to speak or teach in the name of Jesus. Suppression of the Good News that existed within them was an impossibility and they determinedly said “we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard” Acts 4:20. Or what about the leper that Jesus healed in Mark 1:42 when Jesus requested that he keep his healing a secret? The man unable to contain the joy within him goes out and “began to proclaim it freely, and to spread the matter” Mark 1:45. Yet, these are just two examples! I could share with you story after story after story in the Gospels where this is the case.

The question that I want to ask today is simple. How is it with you? Does He shine out of you? Do others notice something different about you? Is it evident that you have been with Jesus? We reflect Jesus to the degree that we know Jesus. My encouragement and challenge for you is twofold. First, that you receive from Him the grace that changes the life and secondly, you intentionally, unapologetically, unashamedly share that with others. Don’t just receive His blessings, pass them on. Ask God to place someone on you heart today that you might share Jesus with.


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