Rejoicing in the Lord

Discussion Questions: 1. What challenged you from the message today? 2. What in this passage helped you see more of Jesus? 3. How are you going to apply this to your life? Further Reading: 1 Kings 17-19 – John 1:1-51- Steps to Christ Chapter 12 –


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The Latter Rain

The Problem with Laodicea The ancient city of Laodicea is situated in modern Turkey and was one of the economic centers of the ancient world. It was destroyed

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Birth Pains

Khloe’s birth I still remember quite vividly the events surrounding Khloe’s birth. I remember Rosie hitting me at 1am in the morning when she had her first contraction.

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The Day of The Lord

Mother’s Day Forgetfulness Our daughter Khloe is over 2 years old and that means that Rosie (my wife) is a mother. Now as rudimentary as that may sound,

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